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August 30, 2022

Kosher for Pesach Medicine Lists

Kosher for Pesach Medicine Lists

Each year, each Kupat Cholim publicizes a list of medications that are kosher for Pesach. Below is the links to the lists from the various kuppot.

Imporant Note from the CRC

  1. All pill medication (with or without chametz) that one swallows is permitted. Vitamins and food supplements do not necessarily fall into this category (even when they are in pill form), and each person should consult with their Rabbi.
  2. Liquid and chewable medications (or pills coated with a flavored coating) that may contain chametz should only be used under the direction of a Doctor and Rabbi, who will judge the severity of the illness, the likelihood that the medicine contains chametz, and the possibility of substituting a swallowable pill. Important: Do not discontinue use of liquid, chewable or any other medicine without consulting with your Doctor and Rabbi.
  3. Liquid and chewable medications that are chametz-free but contain kitniyos, may be consumed by someone who is ill. A healthy person, who would like to consume this type of medicine to merely relieve a minor discomfort, should only do so if the product is known to be free of both chametz and kitniyos.


Meuhedet's list is an online search update for this year Passover 2020. You can search the medication name in hebrew and English. For Meuhedet's Kosher for Pesach Medication list, click here.


Maccabi's list updated for Passover 2020 that can be found directly on their website. They are listed in alphabetical order in English, and you can scroll through each letter to see if your medication is on the list. For the list, click here.


Leumit's list a PDF updated to this year passover 2020. You can click ctrl+F to search for your specific medication. For Leumit's Kosher for Pesach Medication list, click here.


Clalit's list is an update pdf on their website for Passover 2020. They have a complete list in Hebrew with the medications names in English as well, with the option to search for your medication in either language, you can click ctrl F to find the name of the medicine! For the list and search option, click here.All of the above pages are in Hebrew, but have the names of the medications in English as well. Chag Kasher v'Sameach!

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