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Healthcare Division in Memory of Shira Pransky z"l

The Healthcare Division in memory of Shira Pransky z”l, is a part of our absorption department offering articles and guides on a range of Israeli healthcare topics. You can also receive personalized assistance with navigating the Israeli healthcare system from one of our healthcare advisors.


Established in July of 2022, our Healthcare Division in memory of Shira Pransky, z”l, is a branch of our absorption department that serves to educate and assist Olim by helping them understand and access their healthcare rights, benefits, and medical care.  Before joining Yad L’Olim in 2022, this service was known as The Shira Pransky Project and had helped hundreds of thousands of new and veteran Olim navigate the Israeli healthcare system with information and direct advocacy for rights, services and support, which we at Yad L’Olim are continuing and expanding.


Shira Pransky, of blessed memory, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 16, approximately four years after making Aliyah with her family. Ten years later she left this world with a legacy of endurance in the face of dramatic challenges, inspirational faith and perspective, and devotion as a wife and mother. Her struggles and her strength moved her loved ones to create The Shira Pransky Project, to continue toward a commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.  The inspiration for this project came during Gabe Pransky’s reflections on the struggles that he and Shira faced during her illness, and the realization that there were many more avenues of support that had not been utilized out of poor awareness. Rights, benefits, and support that could have eased their burden considerably all passed by in unfortunate ignorance. Gabe soon realized that their experience was not unique – that English speakers in Israel face a distinct challenge of awareness in navigating the healthcare system. It makes regular life harder, and it makes times of crisis even more desperate. This realization impressed upon him the great gift that information about rights, benefits and support can be to a person in need. The Shira Pransky Project operated as a nonprofit for 10 years, helping hundreds of thousands of Olim understand and access their healthcare rights, benefits, and medical care. In July of 2022, The Shira Pransky Project officially joined Yad L’Olim as a division of the Yad L’Olim absorption department with a shared mission of helping even more Olim in Israel and expanding the reach and legacy of Shira Pransky z’’l.

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