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Providing Olim from all around the world with the support they need to navigate and acclimate to life in Israel through personal assistance, educational programs, and government advocacy.

We are a voice and guiding hand for Olim, for life!
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Helping Olim, their families, and global Jewry navigate complicated bureaucracies in Israel. Check out how we can help you!

Government Advocacy

Government Advocacy

Our experience and influence in government help us advocate for your rights. 
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Healthcare Guidance

Our Healthcare Division in memory of Shira Pransky z''l offers personal healthcare guidance, informational articles & guides, and educational workshops on a range of Israeli healthcare topics.
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Absorption Guidance

Absorption Guidance

Get individualized absorption assistance and help navigating complicated bureaucracy. Our absorption advisors will answer your post-aliyah questions and help you with acclimation to Israel.
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How can we help you?

Thank you!

As an Olah, dealing with medical issues and challenges cannot only be confusing, but stressful and isolating. I’m so grateful to Yad L’Olim for stepping in when I had nowhere else to go. They helped sort out my medical benefits to make sure I was utilizing every aspect of our medical care system. Thank you!

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Dana Neuman

A tremendous help.

Yad L’Olim was a tremendous help when applying to get my parents into the country for my wedding. The team offered answers to my countless questions and helped to ensure all of our documents were in order.

I am more grateful than words could ever describe! I could not have imagined my wedding without my parents and thanks to Yad L’Olim, I didn’t need to

Julie Mayberg

Thank you for supporting us in difficult times

Thank you very much for your help! Thanks to Israel and Yad L'Olim for taking care of new immigrants, for supporting us in a difficult time. We will never forget your warmth and kindness. Your food vouchers helped us a lot!

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Svetlana Polevaya

Thank you to Yad L’Olim” -

“I’m from Argentina, I came to Israel in March 2022. I find this way to learn Hebrew [at the Hebrew Conversation Club] so good for us, because speaking is the best way, in my opinion, to learn Hebrew.

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It’s so nice knowing there is an organization that Olim can turn to for assistance including emergency help.

Hi. My name is Gaby and I am an Olah Chadasha. I was traveling back to the USA for a visit and got stuck in Vienna. I didn’t know what to do and especially didn’t know how to get Kosher food. I contacted Yad L’Olim. They helped calm my nerves, made me feel cared for, and arranged for me to get Kosher food. It’s so nice knowing there is an organization that Olim can turn to for assistance including emergency help.

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We could not have done it without you!

We would like to thank Deborah Finklestein and the whole Yad L’Olim team from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring my mother, father in law and sister in law to Israel for our son’s Bar Mitzvah. Deborah was proactive from the moment she heard our story and guided us through all the bureaucracy in order to help our family arrive. We could not have done it without you!!! It meant so much to us and to our son. Thank you.

Greenbaum Family

Yad L’Olim was a tremendous help in trying to figure out when to go and how to approach the pandemic complications.

We are Toshavim Chozrim who came on Aliyah in 1979 but unfortunately it did not work out for us (for financial reasons). After much heartbreak we returned to London for 12 years and then moved to the US for 22 years. We were determined to return to Israel when we retired, and a year ago we decided the time had come. It was in the middle of the Covid Pandemic and things were so confusing. Yad L’Olim was a tremendous help in trying to figure out when to go and how to approach the pandemic complications.
We finally arrived in May of 2022 and it has been the best decision we ever made. Our biggest challenge has been leaving our kids and grandkids in America, but we hope they will follow.

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Machla and Ian Shaffer

Thanks for everything you do

With great gratitude I want to say thank you to the organization Yad L’Olim for everything you do for us! Thanks to the organization, my daughter and I received a suitcase to use so that we could travel around the country! And thank you very much for the food voucher.

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Ekaterina Churai

Deep gratitude to Yad L'Olim.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the organization Yad L'Olim for helping us with obtaining citizenship in the shortest possible time. They found us temporary accommodation in Eilat and helped us move all our belongings to our kibbutz. They also gave us a food voucher.

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Aleksandra Efimova

Thanks for helping us reunite with our lone soldier.

Thank you, Dov Lipman and Yad L’Olim for your guidance and advocacy to help us reunite with our Lone Soldier.

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Lilly Weitzner Icikson

Thanks for helping me feel that I wasn't alone.

I moved to Israel from Ukraine 3 years ago. I have turned to Yad L’Olim for help numerous times and they always helped me with Israel’s very difficult bureaucracy. They helped me feel like I wasn’t alone during the difficult transition to living in the country I love.

Anastasia Schiff