Absorption Guidance

Welcome to Israel. Do you need absorption guidance?

Did you make Aliyah without the assistance of an organization that helps you with the complexities of the post-Aliyah process and government bureaucracy? Are you going in circles trying to find the right person to assist you? Are you struggling with deciphering Hebrew forms? Our dedicated absorption advisors have years of experience and are here to help Olim with the following:

  • Navigate bureaucratic processes at government offices and ministries
  • Navigate the Aliyah Process from within Israel
  • Help with visa/status issues and returning citizens
  • Help understand your Olim rights and benefits
  • Navigate and understand the healthcare system in Israel
  • Navigate the education system
  • Navigate the education and healthcare systems for children with disabilities

Yad L'Olim is here to provide free personal assistance and guidance to Olim from all over the world. New and veteran Olim alike are welcome to reach out to us with questions and our team of compassionate and dedicated professionals will assist you, making your life easier and helping you acclimate to life in Israel. Fill out the form below to contact us!

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Absoption Guidance

Absorption Assistance for Ukrainian and Russian Speaking Olim

When the war in Ukraine first broke out, we at Yad L’Olim with the help of generous donors, were able to quickly react and build a team of Ukrainian and Russian speaking absorption advisors to help the new Olim refugees with all of their needs.

We have a professional team of Ukrainian and Russian speakers that continue to help Olim from the Former Soviet Union by providing support and absorption assistance.

Если вы новый репатриант из Украины или стран СНГ, и вам нужна помощь, пожалуйста. НАЖМИТЕ ЗДЕСЬ

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