About Us

A voice in Israel for English speaking Olim, their families, and global Jewry.

During his time as a Knesset member, Dov Lipman opened the doors of his office to english speaking Olim, working to assist them individually and to advance their rights as a community. Dov founded Yad L’Olim to continue serving as a voice in the Israeli government for english speaking Olim from all backgrounds. Dov and his government relations team are driving policy changes to provide immigrants with the tools that they need to succeed in Israel.

Aside from government relations, Yad L'Olim is available to help Olim from all nationalities navigate complex government bureaucracy in partnership with our affiliates. We travel to cities throughout Israel to meet with Olim and work to solve their individual and communal challenges. In March 2022, Yad L'Olim opened a special department to provide guidance to the tens of thousands of Olim expected to arrive in Israel from Ukraine. Our Ukrainian speaking staff members assist these new Olim with employment, finding a place to live, and serving as their advisors and guides throughout the process of getting settled into their new lives in Israel.

Our Story

History of Yad L'Olim

During the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of Olim (Israeli Immigrants), their families, and Jews from around the world reached out to former MK Dov Lipman for assistance in navigating the complicated travel restrictions put in place by the Israeli government. Dov and his team spent many sleepless nights answering requests to reunite families. He stepped up and began going to the Knesset committee meetings to advocate for clear government guidelines and policies so that families could be reunited. He was successful in influencing policy changes that benefited these communities and the requests for help continued flooding in. That’s when he decided to found Yad L’Olim as a non-profit organization so that he could help even more Olim navigate Israeli bureaucracy as well as advocate on behalf of Olim, their families, and global Jewry.

A voice in Israel for English speaking Olim, their families, and global Jewry.

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