Last Updated on:
August 28, 2022

Long Wait for Appointments: What to do?

Long Wait for Appointments: What to do?

1) Was the appointment made through a database, moked or direct office?

  • Sometimes calling the direct office shows more times available. 

2) Is the haphnaya marked dachuf?

  • Sometimes the referring doctor will specify dachuf on the referral and this can help you get an earlier appointment (esp. for diagnostics). Ask the doctor to write it in the haphnaya. Tell the secretaries. Sometimes the doctor or secretaries have a special line or method for making dachuf appointments.

Also, returning to the referring doctor, or their secretary, to ask for the haphnaya to be marked dachuf gives you the opportunity to point out to them that you are having trouble making an appointment and enlist their help.

3) Expand the search area/scope

  • Where else is the service offered? Can you see a different specialist, or the same one at a different location? Can you go to a different clinic or hospital?

4) Request a hitchayvut

  • If not available within a reasonable amount of time or distance.

Also, if a specific specialist or institution is necessary - describe in the hitchayvut request why it must be that one. Better yet, ask the referring doctor to describe it in a letter.

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