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August 30, 2022

Cancer Guide

Cancer Guide

Rights, Benefits, and Services for Cancer Patients in Israel

Know to Ask: 

Review the various rights, benefits, and services highlighted in this checklist and make an appointment with the Kupat Cholim social worker at your local branch, a social worker at the treating hospital, or another guidance professional for information and assistance in accessing support. Please note that many items have eligibility conditions related to age, means, insurance membership or other factors.

Discounts, Exemptions, and Assistance from the Health Plans

Financial Assistance and Other Benefits


Fertility Preservation Treatments

Supportive and Nursing Care

Patient Support Organizations: 

This is not an exclusive list. If you have a need for a service you do not see here, we urge you to make your need known. If it is not already addressed by an existing program, many organizations will use their resources to facilitate your individual needs in any way possible.

Israel Cancer Association                       800-599-995

  • Information Resources and Guidance
  • Database of Clinical Studies for Cancer Patients
  • Financial Assistance
  • Tax Advising for Cancer Patients
  • Listing of Pharmacies that Offer Discounts for Cancer Patients on Medications 
  • Listing of Travel Insurance Providers for Cancer Patients
  • Support Groups 
  • Many more programs and services for cancer patients throughout Israel

Transportation/Ambulance, Equipment Loan and Other General Services

  • Ezer Mizion 02-500-2111
  • Yad Sarah *6444
  • Ezra Le’Marpeh 03-577-7000
  • Lev Malka 02-537-6666
  • Haverim LeRefuah  (Medications/Treatment) 03-579-2220 
  • Magen Lacholeh  (Medical System Guidance) 02-644-2000 

Counseling, Support and Rehabilitation

  • Life's Door (Tishkofet Maagan) 02-631-0803
  • One in Nine (breast cancer) 00-363-400
  • Hadadi (breast cancer) 072-2432333 
  • Beit Natan (women with cancer) 02-6446052
  • Chaiyanu (children and families) 800-222-211
  • Zichron Menachem (children and families) 02-643-3001

Children and Families Support, Recreation and Respite 

  • Jordan River Village 04-6608999
  • Larger Than Life 03-619-5977
  • Or Menachem 03-904-4411   
  • Rachashei Lev 08-852-3805 
  • Kav-Or (Distance Learning in Hospitals) 077-717-1919
  • Tlalim (Educational Support) 02-571-0555

Other Organizations

  • Yad l’Olim Healthcare Division in memory of Shira Pransky z”l
  • PELE (Wigs)                                                             054-530-8230
  • AMEN  (Myeloma Patients Guidance) 052-226-2326
  • Tmicha (Palliative Care) 054-802-6686

Cancer Patients in Israel: Where to Turn

Here are your primary avenues for receiving helpful information. Remember to be persistent in seeking clear and comprehensive details about assistance and the means to access it. There are multiple sources for guidance and often you need to pursue more than one.

Yad l’Olim Healthcare Absorption Specialist: Our trained staff can assist you with understanding your rights and benefits, and give you guidance and advice on how to receive certain benefits in a timely fashion.

Medical Secretaries: Secretaries in the Kupot and Hospitals are both incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating paperwork, making follow up appointments, and more. Make sure they know who you are and get the help you need!

Social Workers: Every Kupah has a social worker on staff to assist you. You can schedule an appointment with them through your branch secretary. Additionally, if you are hospitalized there will be a Hospital Social Worker who can offer the patient and their family support. Ask a secretary or nurse to set up a time to speak to the social worker in the ward.

Nurse: Oncology nurses are generally the first stop when it comes to medical questions. They are highly knowledgeable, and often eager to offer their support. These nurses can also communicate with the doctors to get additional information or answer questions.

Organization Social Workers and Other Assistance Professionals: Many patient support organizations offer guidance to the community they serve through social workers or counselors providing specialized information and assistance. 

What Assistance Can You Expect?

  • Information about rights and services that relate specifically to a person’s circumstances, and practical guidance on acquiring them.
  • Practical insight, and some hand holding, on navigating the medical system, whether it be within the Kupat Cholim network, in the hospital, or where the two overlap.
  • More practical insight and assistance with other bureaucratic institutions, like Bituach Leumi.
  • Help finding and connecting with organizations dedicated to particular conditions, where there may be even more resources of specific interest to you.
  • Help with emotional coping in difficult situations.
  • Medical guidance regarding treatment options, and what to expect (Nurses).

A Few Tips:

  • Schedule a sit-down meeting with enough time blocked out to discuss what you need.
  • Delegate tasks to accomplish your goals. Note the things you need to do (e.g. call this office, obtain these documents, etc.) and the things the social worker or other person assisting you  is committing to doing (e.g. calling that office, finding out about that service, getting those forms, etc.).
  • Schedule the next contact. e.g. The social worker will call you in two days with some follow-up information, you will meet again in a week to fill out forms together, etc.
  • Show your appreciation. Everyone in the healthcare sector chose to go into a profession dedicated to helping others. 
  • Contact to speak to a Healthcare Absorption Specialist who can guide and assist you.

Still need help?

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