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August 30, 2022

What is the Healthcare Basket?

What is the Healthcare Basket?

What is the Healthcare Basket?

The healthcare basket ("sal briut") includes all the services, medications, supplies, and medical equipment that one is entitled to receive according to the National Health Insurance Law. It was originally determined based on the health services that were provided by the Ministry of Health and the Clalit health fund as of January 1, 1994, and is regularly updated by the Ministry of Health, on the basis of recommendations by a public committee.

Any citizen/resident that is a part of a Kupat Cholim is entitled to these benefits, assuming they meet the necessary criteria (a prescription or referral from a doctor or nurse, proof of a certain illness, etc). All 4 Kupot Cholim are equally required to provide all the benefits and services in the sal briut, as determined by The Ministry of Health.

The Healthcare Basket: Rights & Entitlements

The healthcare basket is provided to the insured:

  • based on medical discretion,
  • at reasonable quality,
  • within a reasonable time, and
  • at a reasonable distance from his place of residence

subject to the conditions set forth in the law and its regulations.

Which services are provided by the Kupat Cholim?

The National Health Insurance Law describes the following fields of service to be included in the healthcare basket for which the health funds are responsible:

  • Diagnosis, consultation, and medical treatment.
  • Medications according to a list, some of which are provided only for a particular indication.
  • Hospitalization in a general hospital.
  • Rehabilitation, including hospitalization.
  • Accessories and medical supplies.
  • Medical services in the workplace.

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Which services are provided by the Ministry of Health?

There are several health services that, as of now, have not been transferred to the health funds and remain the responsibility of the state:

  • Some well-baby clinics and inoculations.
  • Certain general rehabilitation devices, walking, and other mobility devices, for which the Ministry of Health participates in the cost.
  • Some health services for school children.
  • Nursing home stay.

This information was translated and adapted as part of a collaboration with The Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel.

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