Last Updated on:
June 25, 2023

Switching Kupot Cholim (Health Plans)

Switching Kupot Cholim (Health Plans)

People switch their kupat cholim for various reasons.

Why would I switch?

You may want to consider switching if:

  • You have moved and one kupah offers better care treatment options closer to your new home.
  • You got married and want your new family to all have the same kupat cholim to make it more convenient.
  • You've done your research and found that a supplemental insurance option offered by another kupah covers services or treatments that are more relevant to your needs.

For some things to consider when choosing a Kupat Cholim or considering a switch, check out Choosing a Kupat Cholim.

What should I know about switching?

  • Anyone who is a member of a Kupat Cholim has the right to switch in accordance with the relevant procedures and regulations (see below).
  • The process is not automatic, and you must actively request to switch kupot.
  • When switching health plans, the coverage provided by an additional health services plan (supplemental insurance) is generally retained in the new health plan and at the same level without requiring a waiting period, though this should always be verified before actually making the switch.
  • Switching may be done simply by going to the post office, paying a nominal fee, filling out the required form, and handing it in. There is also an online option through the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) website.
  • The actual change of your kupah can only happen on the following dates: Jan 1, March 1st, May 1st, July 1st, Sept 1st, or Nov 1st.
  • You must register the change by the 15th two calendar months before the change date in order to be switched on time. (For example, in order for you kupah to be changed by Jan 1st, you must complete the notification process by the previous November 15th).
  • When switching kupot it is a good idea the speak to a branch secretary at the kupah you would like to switch to. While they can't physically complete the process for you, they will be eager to assist you to get everything in order, as it is to their benefit to have you join their kupah.

If you require further assistance with switching Kupot Cholim, contact a Yad L'Olim Healthcare Advisor at

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