Last Updated on:
August 30, 2022

Seeing Private Surgeons & Doctors

Seeing Private Surgeons & Doctors

As of 2017, The Ministry of Health has issued regulations that one who sees a surgeon through the Kupah may not use the surgeon privately within 6 months of their visit through the kupah. In addition, the number of private surgeons that will be reimbursed through the kupah's supplemental insurance will be limited. The goal of The Ministry of Health is prevent doctors from pressuring patients into using them privately to avoid wait times, as well as to encourage more surgeons to work with the kupot, which will enable shorter wait times for surgery at a lower cost to the patient.

As of now, this law only applies to surgeons and/or specific treatment from a doctor, and not for a consultation with a doctor. However, as of January 1, 2019, the regulations are set to include any doctor you see through the kupah, restricting private consultations within 6 months.

There will still be a list of available private doctors who are subsidized by the kupot's supplemental insurance, however if a doctor is available through the kuaph, he/she will not be on the private reimbursement list.

It is important to note that following this regulation is the responsibility of the doctor and his practice, and not the patient. The patient should be aware of and follow the regulation, however in the case that a patient is seen privately by a doctor within 6 months of seeing him/her through the kupah, the infraction and fine is on the doctor, not the patient. The result of this regulation is that a patient must decide whether they want to start with a doctor through the kupah, or go privately from the beginning.

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