Last Updated on:
August 30, 2022

Remote Medical Care

Remote Medical Care

Receiving Remote Medical Care

During these complex times staying home as much as possible is essential to protect yourself, your loved ones, and those around you. Balancing this while making sure your managing your health and getting the medical attention you need can be complex. All four of the Kupot Cholim, Clalit, Maccabi, Meuhedet and Leumi, already have online tools and medical support to help.

To insure that everyone is aware of resources available, each Kupah has a webpage detailing their at home services.

All of the Kupot provide telephone or video communication and/or appointments with your doctors, phone consultations with nurses, the ability to submit requests from your doctor or pharmacist and at home lab work. The nature of these services and other available services very between the Kupot Cholim.

The webpages are written in Hebrew, to translate the page into English right click on the page. As always, if anything remains unclear or if you would like extra support we are here for any question you have. Feel free to contact one of our healthcare advisors, here.

  • For Clalit's webpage on services from home click here.
  • For Meuhedet's webpage on services from home click here.
  • For Maccabi's webpage on services from home click here.
  • For Leumi's webpage on services from home click here.

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