Last Updated on:
August 30, 2022

Principles of the National Health Insurance Law

"National health insurance under this law shall be founded on principles of justice, equality, and mutual assistance".

                                                                                                                - National Health Insurance Law

  • Application to all residents:
    Every resident of Israel is entitled to health services under the National Health Insurance Law.
  • Provision of service is not connected to the ability to pay:
    A resident pays for health insurance according to his means, and is treated according to his needs. The state is responsible for providing funding, while the health fund in which the insured is registered is responsible for providing the service.
  • Choice of a health fund (Kupat Cholim) without limitations:
    Every resident is entitled to be registered as a member of one health fund chosen by him, unconditionally and without any limitations due to age or state of health.
  • Provision of service:
    The fund is responsible for providing all the services included in the basket of health services, based on medical discretion, with reasonable quality, within a reasonable time, and within a reasonable distance.
  • Maintaining dignity and privacy:
    Every insured individual is entitled to receive health services while maintaining his dignity, privacy, and medical secrecy.
  • Switching health funds (Kupot Cholim):
    Every resident is entitled to switch from one health fund to another.
  • Selection of service providers:
    Every insured individual is entitled to choose service providers, such as doctors, caregivers, hospitals, and institutes, from a list of service providers who are affiliated with the health fund. The health fund will publish and update its list of providers regularly.
  • Complaints by the insured:
    Every insured individual is entitled to submit a complaint to either: the officer in charge of public inquiries at the medical institution that treated them, the officer responsible for investigating members' complaints at their health fund, or to the commissioner under the National Health Insurance Law in the Ministry of Health.
  • Application to the court:
    Every insured individual is entitled to submit a claim to the Regional Labor Court.

This information was translated and adapted from content provided by The Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel.

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