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May 30, 2023

Legal Action & Complaints in the Healthcare System

Legal Action & Complaints in the Healthcare System

Legal issues, rights and obligations are just as much an integral part of the healthcare system as the insurance and treatment options available within it.

Many people might be quick to pursue legal action if they think their rights have been violated, but this is almost never the best course of action. It is recommended that you 1) Understand your rights, 2) Submit formal complaints to the relevant parties, 3) Seek out legal aid and advice if necessary.

Step 1: Understanding Your Rights

Many of the resources we offer provide information on health-related rights and entitlements. You should check out our All Rights Index for a comprehensive collection of this information.

  • Information about the most basic healthcare rights can be found on this "General Healthcare Rights" page. Health-related employment rights can be found here.
  • Social workers in the kupot cholim, hospitals and other institutions and organizations are invaluable resources for getting basic advice related to rights and services.
  • Assistance and support organizations catering to specific population and focusing on specific illnesses or disorders are also great resources for more specialized expertise on rights. If you have diabetes, for example, an organization focusing on providing support for diabetes patients should be consulted. Check out our Organizations Directory where you can search and browse hundreds of health-related assistance and support organizations in Israel, by clicking here.

Step 2: Where to Complain

Every public healthcare institution and organization in Israel is required to have an ombudsman - the address for complaints within that institution or organization. For more information on complaints and appeals, check out the following pages:

Step 3: Legal Aid and Advice

If you think your rights have been violated and legal action might be necessary, there are a number of sources of free and subsidized legal aid and advice. The Shira Pransky Project does not provide any direct legal aid or advice and aims to provide the most comprehensive resources available to better understand your legal health-related rights, claim them, and know who to contact in order to request free or subsidized legal aid when necessary.

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