Last Updated on:
August 30, 2022

Israeli Doctors Channel with Patients' Rights Videos

Israeli Doctors Channel with Patients' Rights Videos

Doctors Channel, is a YouTube channel providing informative videos on a wide variety of common diseases and medical conditions, information about patients’ rights in the Israeli medical system and other vital information, directly from the experts.

Many of these videos are accompanied by English subtitles (click the English tab on the channel's homepage for instructions if the subtitles don't appear automatically), including the 2 we would like to highlight here. The entire YouTube channel can be a very useful resource for understanding many aspects of medical treatment and the approaches of Israeli practitioners, but we would like to point out the following videos for their focus on healthcare rights and navigation:

What to do if a prescription is not approved by the Kupat Cholim

Seeking your rights via the Society for Patients' Rights in Israel

The videos are produced in coordination with the Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel and many Israel hospitals and medical centers. This is a non-profit initiative sponsored by the AbbVie biopharmaceutical company aimed at making important medical information more friendly and available to the public.

We hope that this initiative will continue to provide vital practical knowledge and, of course, remain committed to providing resources that are English accessible.

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