Last Updated on:
August 30, 2022

Health-Related Hebrew Vocabulary

While the Yad L'Olim Healthcare Division in memory of Shira Pransky z"l is committed to making the Israeli healthcare system more accessible for English-speakers, it is always important and recommended for anyone living in Israel to master the Hebrew language to the best of their ability.

The following glossary of key health-related Hebrew vocabulary can come in very handy, especially if and when you find yourself struggling with the Israeli healthcare system!

Very special thanks to Joel Yaron Publishing for providing this valuable resource, which was taken from the book English Hebrew by Subject.

Glossary - General and Symptoms
Glossary - Common and Serious
Glossary - People and Places
Glossary - Treatment and Equipment
Glossary - Prevention and Dentistry
Glossary - Adjectives and Verbs
Glossary - Verbs Continued and Credits
Glossary - General and Symptoms
Glossary - General and Symptoms
Glossary - General and Symptoms


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