Learn to speak Hebrew in a fun, relaxed, non-judgemental environment with Olim just like you.

Learn Hebrew in a fun, non-judgmental environment with Olim just like you.

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Everyone was so kind, welcoming, and patient

“I was a little nervous about attending the Hebrew Conversation Club because I thought I’d be the only one there with limited Hebrew knowledge, but everyone was so kind, welcoming, and patient. I really recommend anyone English-speaking who wants to learn this beautiful language to come and join this group. You will make friends and walk out with a big smile on your face!”

- Aliza Jacobs

Imagine enjoying a great evening out and making new friends while networking with Olim from all around the world.

Now, imagine if you could practice speaking Hebrew, and not have to worry about anyone laughing at you.

Now in 4 cities

Tel Aviv | Jerusalem | Haifa | Zichron Yaakov

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Hub KakdelArt, HaThiya 14, Entrance А, Floor 2,
Studio 212, Jaffa 

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Sunday, 7.00pm - 830pm
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An image of Jerusalem, we have a train approaching - Yad L'Olim

Shir Hadash, 1 Yaakov Rubin Street

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Monday, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


An image of Haifa  - Yad L'olim
Bar Aguran, Hanamal 26, Haifa
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Monday 6.30pm - 8.00pm



Beit Tishbi, Hanadiv 4

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Now on a summer break
Watch Deborah speak Hebrew at a club
Watch Anatoly and Itzik speak Hebrew at a club



Cities with successful weekly Hebrew Conversation clubs



Cities starting weekly clubs soon! (Modi’in and Zichron Yaakov)


Different countries our Olim made Aliyah from


Attendees to our clubs since December 2022

No judgment | No intensity | No pressure

Just drinks, Hebrew, great people, and great vibes

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You need to be able to speak Hebrew.


You can download the latest Hebrew-teaching app… that you’ll never use.


You can buy a ‘Hebrew for Dummies’ book… which you’ll fall asleep over every time.


Or you can join a free conversation club where you’ll casually converse and network with Olim, making new friends while learning to speak the language!

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Expensive courses may sound pretty, but practice is where it counts.

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"I am in an Ulpan class, and my Ulpan class is great, but I don't have the chance to practice, and to just speak. I heard about the Hebrew Conversation Club and I quickly signed up because practicing is the most important part of learning a language. Tonight I learned so many new words. I learned how to say things in past tense, present tense, and future tense. This was such a wonderful club, I am looking forward to next week."

The best way to learn the language

“I came to Israel from Argentina in 2022. Learning Hebrew at the Conversation Club is the best way to learn the language because we can practice everything we know and improve by helping each other. Thank you, Yad L’olim, for this great opportunity!”


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