Melissa Sussman

Social Media Coordinator

As a content and marketing professional with a decade of experience in the apparel, cosmetics, and Jewish nonprofit world, Melissa understands what it takes to conduct new digital campaigns and strategies. She is a self-taught visionary with her most recent endeavor, co-creating Keter Ukrainian Support with a storefront for the Ukrainian Olim. Her strong knowledge of social media and her expertise in marketing has led her to utilize print/media news outlets, Instagram influencers, and all social media platforms and groups to make one of the many campaigns she initiated go viral. The operation went worldwide, bringing 250 suitcases to Israel full of supplies for the new Ukrainian Olim. Besides enjoying campaigns and social media use, Melissa is an advocate for Aliyah and helping new Olim integrate. She is a graduate of Binghamton University, made Aliyah in 2011, and lives in Efrat with her husband and twins.